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Office Furniture/Equipment - Working

Office furniture and equipment includes large, movable objects for the office.

Consider donation through posting online, non-profits, schools, community organizations, or companies that specialize in office furniture (i.e. cubicles) redistribution. Most small thrifts do not accept large volumes of or office furniture in general, unless it's very good condition that can be used in a home. Consider repair as needed.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
AMOT New & Used Racks 1201 Monument Blvd.
Concord Reuse Free Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Warehouse equipment
Berkeley Outlet 711 Heinz Ave Berkeley Reuse Buyback Drop-off Buy used office furniture made by GF, Steelcase, Herman Miller, and other top manufacturers. Desks, tables, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, partitions, and more in cleaned working condition.
Deconstruction & Reuse Network (Salvage Company) 59 Colony Way Aliso Viejo Reuse Paid Pick-up Your corporate / institutional surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment can be donated to DRN and matched with charities’ needs for Charitable Reuse. surplus assets management
Fix It Clinic (In-person & Virtual) Berkeley Repair Free Mail-in Non-working. Self-repair through the Global Fixers Server on Discord or through Zoom FixIt Clinics.
Goodwill - Pleasant Hill Store 1699 Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill Reuse Free Drop-off
Goodwill - Richmond Store 12341 San Pablo Ave. Richmond Reuse Free Drop-off
Goodwill - Rodeo Store 607 Parker Ave. Rodeo Reuse Free Drop-off
Green Standards 119 Spading Ave Toronto/Ontario/Canada) San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Businesses contact Green Standards to have them decommission their office (fee) and donate the gently used office furniture and equipment (free) to non-profits, charities, and schools.
GreenWaste of Palo Alto 2765 Lafayette St Palo Alto Reuse Paid Pick-up Bulky Pickup. Please consider reuse and repair before disposal. This item can be collected curbside for a fee or for no charge during your Clean Up Day.
Hospice Thrift Shoppe 2742 Delta Fair Blvd. Antioch Reuse Free Drop-off
Hospice Thrift Shoppe 1345-A Newell Ave. Walnut Creek Reuse Free Drop-off
Hospice Thrift Shoppe - Alamo 3162 Danville Blvd. Alamo Reuse Free Drop-off
Hospice Thrift Shoppe - Danville 444 Diablo Rd. Danville Reuse Free Drop-off
iReuse 1050 North Gate Dr
Suite 550
San Rafael Reuse Paid Pick-up Destruction & shredding
IRN - The Reuse Network 26 Pleasant St
Concord Reuse Paid Pick-up Surplus - quantity.
Medshare West 2937 Alvarado St. San Leandro Reuse Free Drop-off Call first.
Newby Island Landfill & Resource Recovery Park 1601 Dixon Landing Rd. Milpitas Reuse Paid Drop-off
NixxIt 19532 Center St Castro Valley Reuse Paid Pick-up
Parca Parca Main Office
800 Airport Blvd, Suite 320
Burlingame Reuse Free Pick-up Resellable condition only.
Pleasanton Transfer Station 3110 Busch Rd. Pleasanton Reuse Paid Drop-off

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Note
Bundled & labeled for reuse/donation. Contact ACI at (510) 483-1400 for a bulky pick-up.
Castro Valley Sanitary District
Separate and label good/working condition items for donation as part of your Bulky & Reuse Pick-up set out.
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City

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