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Soex West Textile Recycling - Fresno - 2360 South Orange Ave.

Information is constantly changing! Call ahead to verify hours and availability.

Soex West Textile Recycling

2360 South Orange Ave., Fresno, California 93725
(323) 264-8300

M-F 7am-5pm

Recycles carpet into carpet padding. Carpet must be rolled, baled or laid flat in container. Can provide a van type trailer (45-53 ft.) at facility and will pick it up as needed. Alternate phone number is 559-233-1765 x 228. Part of the I:CO I:Collect textile group - sorting, selling, delabelling or recycling: we guarantee a solution within our company. and

Item Notes Method Destination
  • Free Drop-off
  • Pick-up for a Fee
  • Recycle
Carpet Padding
  • Free Drop-off
  • Pick-up for a Fee
  • Recycle
Textiles - Good Condition/Size Poor, clean condition okay
  • Free Drop-off
  • Pick-up for a Fee
  • Recycle
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