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Sneaker Impact - Miami -

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Sneaker Impact

Donate gently used sneakers and and recycle your worn out used sneakers with us to keep them out of landfills and help us create opportunities for people in need. Retail stores, clubs, individuals, etc.. Request your box or bag with free shipping labels. Our new technology (Tomra equipment) propels us toward a circular economy, minimizing waste and maximizing impact.

Item Notes Method Destination
Shoes - Good Condition Sneakers only. Usable sneakers are sorted and sold to micro enterprises around the world for reuse and refurbishing. Worn out sneakers get ground, the materials separated, and the materials sold for reuse.
  • Free Mail-in
  • Reuse
Shoes - Poor Condition Sneakers only. Worn-out sneakers are collected and ground into granules, ready for transformation. AI technology sorts the granules into different material categories. Opportunities to craft new products from our extracted materials.
  • Free Mail-in
  • Recycle
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