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Sirum - Stanford - P.O. Box 19636

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P.O. Box 19636, Stanford, California 94309
(650) 488-7434

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Using an innovative technology platform, SIRUM saves peoples’ lives by allowing health facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies to donate unused medicine rather than destroy it. Donate Medicine. Donating unopened, unexpired, non-controlled, and high-demand medicine is free for organizations; SIRUM covers the cost of shipping. If you would like to donate all your unexpired, unopened, non-controlled medication without sorting (like single-stream recycling), you can pay a small fee to help cover costs.

Sirum is not licensed to give medicine directly to individuals and families. They list these resources.

Item Notes Method Destination
Medications Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Pharmacies and Nursing Homes & Assisted Living (Sign up to donate &/or receive). Requirements: Sealed/Unopened, 5+ months from expiration, Non-refrigerated, Non-controlled.
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  • Safe Disposal
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