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San Francisco Bottle Bank - Mobile CRV Redemption Bags - SF - Cash/Voucher Location - Our Planet Recycling

Due to COVID-19, facilities, programs, and businesses may have modified operations or be temporarily closed – call first.

San Francisco Bottle Bank - Mobile CRV Redemption Bags

Cash/Voucher Location - Our Planet Recycling 445 Bayshore Blvd, SF, California 94124

See Mobile Drop-off locations and Blue Bag Retailers for hours

The BottleBank™ program is an innovative mobile recycling program in San Francisco that utilizes specially made bags with preloaded bar codes that can be tied to a consumer’s account to provide a convenient and easy way to get their redemption back. The pilot is designed to increase redemption rates of aluminum, plastic, glass, and bi-metal beverage containers that have California Redemption Value (CRV) and to return those deposits directly back to the consumers. Use your smart phone app or this website to find the nearest BottleBank™ Mobile Drop-off location and schedule for your community. The BottleBank™ mobile truck will have a regular route throughout San Francisco. You can get cash for your account balance without having a bank account or other electronic means by going to Our Planet Recycling, 445 Bayshore Blvd, cross street Cortland, and logging in to the BottleBank kiosk there. Once logged you can print a voucher for the amount of funds you wish to withdraw, take the voucher to the “Paymaster” window and you will be given cash. The OPR office is open Monday -Saturday from 8:30AM-4:30PM.

Item Notes Method Destination
Aluminum Cans - CRV
  • Buyback Drop-off
  • Recycle
Bimetal Cans - CRV
  • Buyback Drop-off
  • Recycle
Glass Bottles - CRV
  • Buyback Drop-off
  • Recycle
Plastic Bottle - CRV
  • Buyback Drop-off
  • Recycle

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