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MED-Project: Bay Area Meds Drop-Box Location Finder - Washington - 1800 M St, NW

Information is constantly changing! Call ahead to verify hours and availability.

MED-Project: Bay Area Meds Drop-Box Location Finder

1800 M St, NW, Washington, District Of Columbia 20036
(844) 677-6532

Use the online location finder to find local sites with free medication (including inhaler, nebulizer, and epi-pen vials) and sharps/needles/injectors drop-boxes.

Item Notes Method Destination
Medications Online location finder. Cross out or remove personal identifying information on the medicated liquid or cream containers and place solid medicines in a sealed plastic bag for drop-box disposal. Recycle rigid plastic pill containers at home.
  • Free Drop-off
  • Safe Disposal
Needles & Syringes Online location finder. hypodermic needles, pen needles, pre-loaded sharps, auto-injectors, intravenous needles, lancets, and other devices used to penetrate the skin for drawing blood, or for the delivery of medicines) contained in FDA-cleared sharps containers. Mail-Back Services are available for Residents upon request.
  • Free Drop-off
  • Safe Disposal
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