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Building Product Ecosystems: Regional Reuse Resources Map - New York - 84 W Broadway

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Building Product Ecosystems: Regional Reuse Resources Map

84 W Broadway Suite 4S, New York, New York 10007
Informational. Map/List that includes but is not limited to government agencies, deconstruction services, engineer/consulting firms, reuse centers, architectural firms and salvagers, general and decon contractors, C&D, and waste management/recycling facilities. Building Product Ecosystems (BPE) works with building owners and their teams to optimize material resource cycles for whole system health. BPE is currently focused on transparent data, industry signaling, job site piloting, and standardization. Closed Loop Wallboard and Glass in Concrete are two collaboratives.
Item Notes Method Destination
Building Materials - Reclaimed/Reusable Informational.
  • Free Mail-in
  • Reuse
Concrete Informational. Closed Loop Glass in Concrete collaborative
  • Free Mail-in
  • Reuse
Deconstruction Services Informational.
  • Free Mail-in
  • Reuse
Drywall Informational. Closed Loop Wallboard collaborative
  • Free Mail-in
  • Reuse

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