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Albatross Razor Blade Take Back Program Locator - Oakland - Albatross Designs

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Albatross Razor Blade Take Back Program Locator

Albatross Designs PO Box 22130, Oakland, California 94623

Albatross customers receive a small envelope with their blades. Used blades can be collected in this envelope. When you take an old blade out of your razor to replace it with a new blade, please try to wrap your used blade in the paper wrapper that the new blade came in for extra protection. Once your Take Back envelope is full (approximately 30 to 40 blades should fit in the small Albatross envelope), simply insert the small envelope into any other envelope at least 3.5” X 5” large (USPS minimum). Mailing address displayed.

Check If There Is a Blade Take Back Program Drop Off Location Near You. We accept ALL BRANDS of double and single edged shaving blades. If you are sending another brand’s blades to us, please make sure to use at least a double envelope to send us back your blades. You can store and ship your blades in a variety of containers, such as used pill bottles, a mint tin, a used soup can duct taped on one end, or by using a heavy weight internal envelope inserted into another envelope as is our standard procedure.

Item Notes Method Destination
Personal Care & Beauty Products - Used Razor blade take pack program - mail in or drop off. See website for details. Albatross Razors accepts all razor brands of double and single edged shaving blades.
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