Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

Vendor Spreadsheet Instructions

Your vendor item spreadsheet contains the following columns:

  • Item ID: Do not change these values, or your data may not be imported back into our database properly.
  • Item Name: Do not change these values either. If you have feedback on the list of items included in our database, please contact us.
  • Notes: This optional field can be used to provide additional details to the public on how individual items should be handled.
  • Disposal Method: This field is required for any items which are accepted. The following values are valid for this field, and multiple values (if applicable) can be separated by a semicolon.
    • Free Drop-off - There is no charge for dropping off the item.
    • Paid Drop-off - Items may be dropped off for a fee.
    • Free Pickup - Items can be picked up for free.
    • Paid Pickup - Items can be picked up for a fee.
    • The following options are also available for Mail-in and Buyback services:
      • Buyback Mail-in - A person will be paid for items received in the mail.
      • Buyback Pick-up - A person will be paid for items that are picked up.
      • Buyback Drop-off - A person will be paid for items that are dropped off.
      • Free Mail-in - Items are accepted via the mail for free, other than postage.
      • Paid Mail-in - Items are accepted via the mail for a fee, in addition to postage.
  • Destination: This is an optional field, and can be used to specify that the item listed has a destination other than disposal. Valid values include:
    • Reuse - Accepted items will be redistributed to others in need.
    • Repair - Repair services are available for the item (free or paid) and the item will be returned to the original owner.

The spreadsheet is sorted so that items that are currently accepted are at the top. You may add additional items to your “accepted” list by entering a valid ‘Disposal Method’ to the appropriate line (see above). If an item is no longer accepted, do not delete the row from the spreadsheet, but rather just clear out the values for Notes, Disposal Method and Destination.

Completed spreadsheets can be submitted here along with any other comments about your submission. It may take a few days for your information to be updated in our database.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process, and thank you for helping keep RE:Source accurate and up-to-date.

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