Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

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Yard Trimmings & Plant Debris

Removed living lawn/turf AND artifcial turf belongs in the Garbage/Landfill. Leave your unwanted living turf/lawn in place by sheetmulching with compost & mulch and you will be able to plant directly into the sheetmulched area.

Keep finished compost clean by not adding any plastics to the green cart. Finished compost is applied to agriculture and ranch lands to enhance water holding capacity, add nutrients and minerals, and sequester carbon in in soil. You can add compost around the base of plants on top of the soil. Use the LawntoGarden Marketplace for compost & mulch sources.

Too many trimmings for your cart?

  • Leave them out to dry such that you can get more in your cart. Talk to your neighbors and offer space in your carts when they need it for space in their green cart. Contact your curbside hauler about the possibility of buying bag tags to put trimmings in Kraft paper bags (from a hardware store or the hauler). If you regularly need the volume of more than 1 bin, your hauler may be able to provide this for residents for minimal to no cost. Hire lawn and yard service folks to drop them off at the transfer station for you, or drop them off yourself (fees apply).


Oakland accepts this item in your curbside organics container.

If your trimmings are too much for your bin, let them dry out a few days or wait until next pick up as the volume decreases over time.

Oakland accepts this item for special bulky pickup.

Plant debris (paper bagged); Branches (4ft long, 6 in. wide limit). No Rocks, Dirt, Concrete or fiberglass.

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