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Wood - Treated

Treated wood is wood treated with a chemical for the purpose of resisting decay. Examples include pressure-treated dimensional lumber, creosote-treated railroad ties, and telephone poles.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Pressure treatedpreserved wood, or treated wood waste (including the sawdust), referred to as TWW, has preserving chemicals like arsenic. Common uses of TWW are fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, decking, and railroad ties. has fact sheets and outreach materials on the appropriate handing, disposal, and other management of TWW for facilities that may receive or handle treated wood waste.

Painted, engineered, stained, laquered, plywood/composite, and wood painted with "copper green" wood may go in the garbage. 



Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Ox Mountain Landfill 12310 San Mateo Rd Half Moon Bay Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Call first for details.
North State Environmental (South San Francisco) 220 South Spruce Avenue
Suite 200
South San Francisco Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
Newby Island Landfill & Resource Recovery Park 1601 Dixon Landing Rd. Milpitas Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Call first for details.
National Response Corporation (NRC) 1605 Ferry Point Alameda Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
MG Remediation Inc. 26062 Eden Landing Road
Suite #2
Hayward Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up Offers asbestos abatement services
Kirby Canyon Landfill 910 Coyote Creek Golf Dr. Morgan Hill Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Call first for details.
Kettleman Hills Landfill 35251 Old Skyline Road
P.O. Box 471
Kettleman City Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off DTSC variance received.. Call first for details as many landfills have specific waste acceptance requirements and some require that you have a pre-approved waste profile.
Keller Canyon Landfill 901 Bailey Rd. Pittsburg Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Closed to public.
Hayward Transfer Station 3458 Enterprise Ave Hayward Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Call first for details.
Guadalupe Landfill (Rubbish Disposal Company) 15999 Guadalupe Mines Rd San Jose Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Call first for details.
FERMA Corporation (Newark) Equipment Yard
6655 Smith Ave
Newark Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Berkeley Regional Office
700 Heinz Ave; Suite 200
Berkeley Safe Disposal Free Mail-in Information Link:
Conflo Services Inc. 25670 Nickel Place Hayward Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
Clean Harbors 1021 Berryessa Road San Jose Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up Commercial quantity
CalRecycle's Where to Recycle Location Finder 1001 I St
PO Box 4025
Sacramento Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off
Cal Inc. 2040 Peabody Road
Suite 400
Vacaville Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
Buttonwill Landfill (Clean Harbors) 2500 West Lokern Road Buttonwillow Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off
Berkeley Transfer Station 1201 2nd St. Berkeley Safe Disposal Paid Drop-off Special Handling: Treated Wood Waste (must be kept separate from other materials and placed in a designated bin for disposal), charged at the Refuse Base Rate and the Environmental Compliance Fee.
Bayview Environmental Services, Inc. 6925 San Leandro St Oakland Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up
Bayview Environmental Services Inc. 6925 San Leandro St. Oakland Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up

Curbside Service

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