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Wood - Logs

Wood is a natural, porous material that comes from trees. It is often used for building and can easily takes on paints, stains, and adhesives.

Offer specimen trees for donation to mill and be reused. Consider offering to the community for reuse projects. Arbortists or tree trimmers may offer mulching services.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Bay Area Redwood 1881 Collier Canyon Road Livermore Reuse Paid Pick-up Retail offering reclaimed local wood.
Bay View Greenwaste Management Co. 1300 Carroll Ave. San Francisco Recycle, Compost Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up
Bee Green Recycling & Supply (Asphalt Shingle Recyclers) 5900 Coliseum Way
(Inert Debris & Green Waste Recycling)
Oakland Recycle Paid Drop-off logs greater than 18 in length and width, and stumps.
Byron Crushing & Grinding 5595 Byron Hot Springs Rd. Byron Compost Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up grinding
Contra Costa Transfer & Recovery Station (CCTRS) 951 Waterbird Way Martinez Recycle Paid Drop-off
Crossroads Recycled Lumber 58500 Hancock Way Northfork Reuse Free Drop-off, Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up rescued pines with from pine beetle die off, dead and standing pines, wildfire trees
Expert Tree Service Orinda Recycle Paid Pick-up Tree trimming
Firewood Farms 551 San Mateo Road Half Moon Bay Reuse Paid Pick-up
Green Waste Recycle Yard P.O. Box 2377 Berkeley Compost Paid Drop-off Only accept woody organic waste: logs, shrub/bush, branches, log rounds & wood chips
Pleasanton Transfer Station 3110 Busch Rd. Pleasanton Reuse Paid Drop-off wood is ground, sent out for treatment for land application
Potrero Hills Landfill 3675 Potrero Hills Lane Suisun City Landfill Paid Drop-off Tree Stumps, Large wood rounds over 1’ diameter
Zanker Road Landfill 705 Los Esteros Road
(north of Zanker Road, one mile north of Zanker and Highway 237)
San Jose Recycle Paid Drop-off

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