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Textiles - Good Condition/Size

Textiles are fabrics used for clothing, covering, upholstering, etc, and made from natural and synthetic materials.

Textiles include bolts, large swaths, yardage of fabric, leather, or textiles for upholstery, quilting, clothing, sewing projects, that can be reused by an individual or business.

Consider reuse and donation for intact, unstained, and clean textiles. For poor condition textiles, choose repair, and stain removal (clothinglinensfurniture fabric/ shoes) before donating to an organization that has reuse and/or rag and textile shredding capactity. Scrap fabric? Consider tiny projects.

Commercial entity? See the California Textile Resource Map (CPSC): Factories, Recyclers, Reuse, Repair, & Upcycle, Collectors



Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Reverse Resources: Global Textile to Textile Recycling Recycle Paid Mail-in Global connector of manufacturers, recyclers (mechanical and chemical cotton & chemical polyester; down-cycling of mixed textile waste; mechanical poly-cotton, and mechanical/thermal polyester/nylon), fashion brands, and waste haulers for scrap, remnants, and garments in commercial quantity.
Recycle Re Fashion Recycle Paid Mail-in Online circularity maps for textile and shoe recycling. Use the global platform to find the materials and products from the recycling of used textiles and shoes as a collector/sorter, transformer (material preparer or find outlets), and for industries to search for recycled materials.
The Mending Collective Repair Free Mail-in Informational Website. Mending collective. See website for upcoming events to join or workshops to have them host. Instagram: @mending_collective
Goodwill (Alameda) 2319 Lincoln Ave. Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off
Garden Cleaners 1529 Webster St Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
Salvation Army (Alameda) 1918 Park St. Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off
Studio Trousseau 1036 Central Ave Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off Restores vintage textiles including gowns, veils, linens, and clothing
Soma Cleaners 1208 Lincoln Ave Alameda Repair Paid Pick-up
One Stop Cleaners 2305 Lincoln Ave Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
Joona Fabriculture 1419 Park St
Unit D
Alameda Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Custom textile/fabric design.
Marina Village Cleaners 817 Marina Village Pkwy Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
Martinizing Dry Cleaners 2210 S Shore Center Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up
Alameda Red Hanger Kleaners 883 Island Dr Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
Encinal Dry Cleaning & Alterations 2004 Encinal Ave Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
The ReCrafting Co. 2449 Santa Clara Ave Alameda Reuse Buyback Drop-off Quilt weight cotton print fabric and batiks; Lace, ribbons and trims (no less than 1 yard and fat quarters); Sewing notions and quilting tools and supplies
Revelation Cleaners 2309 Encinal Ave Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
The Thrifty Kitty 1509 Webster St Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off Interesting, decorative, vintage or collectible
Anthony Cleaners 1417 Webster St Alameda Repair Paid Drop-off
Salvation Army Store 525 E. 18th St. Antioch Reuse Free Drop-off
Salvation Army Donation Dropbox (2650 Durant Ave.) 2650 Durant Ave. Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Special Action Note
Castro Valley Sanitary District
Collect clean and dry materials in a large plastic bag to keep it clean during collection for recycling for Bulky Pick-up and Textile Pick-ups, which are held 2x/yr (first full wk of June/Oct). set bags or boxes of dry (no biowaste) textiles by blue cart.
Clean and dry. See Textile Reuse & Recycling Program details. Quarterly curbside pick ups stated on the website. Single-family set out will be on your regular collection day. Multi-family residents ask your Property Manager for collection location. Accepted items are made of natural or artificial fibers and fabrics, such as clothing, towels, linens, bathmats, curtains, etc. Textiles that have human biowaste, blood, toxic chemicals, or motor oil on them, or which are wet and moldy. Textiles will be collected with a special vehicle that may service your block earlier or later than regular vehicles. Do not place bags behind or on top of carts.
Textile Collection Program AVI collects clean & dry textiles quarterly first full week of Jul, Oct, Jan and Apr in clear plastic bags from residents (SF & MF). Schedule collection at 925-479-9545
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
See Textile Recycling link. Gently used clothing and household linens (sheets, towels, etc.) will be collected quarterly and donated to a local charity. Place in a tightly tied clear bag next to the Recyclables Cart on your collection day.
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City

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