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Styrofoam Sheets

Styrofoam sheets are expanded polystyrene plastic shaped into sheets and panels meant for protecting goods during shipment.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
GreenWaste of Palo Alto 2765 Lafayette St Palo Alto Landfill Paid Pick-up
Republic Services, Inc. 42600 Boyce Road Fremont Landfill Paid Pick-up Depends on city
Pleasanton Transfer Station 3110 Busch Rd. Pleasanton Landfill Paid Drop-off
Newby Island Landfill & Resource Recovery Park 1601 Dixon Landing Rd. Milpitas Recycle Free Drop-off Must be labeled with \"PS #6\". Place packaging foam and clean food service containers in separate bags. No styrofoam peanuts.
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) & Peanut Drop-off Locations 1298 Cronson Blvd
Suite 201
Crofton Recycle Free Drop-off
Super Link Plastic, Inc. 888 92nd Ave Oakland Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Free pick up available for quantities over 500 lbs.
FoamRecycle/Foamlinx 1248 Birchwood Dr. Sunnyvale Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Companies that have a large quantity of EPS foam (aka Styrofoam) for recycling can call 408-454-6163 (Toll Free 866-664-9311) for a full recycling cost assessment – on site or over the phone. For large quantities of foam, you can have a trailer delivered to your premises and then request pick up once it is filled. Call for pricing for on-demand or scheduled pickup. Schedule appointment to drop-off EPS foam (aka \"Styrofoam\") or Plastic # 6, placed in CLEAR bags for a fee of $10 per 30g trash bag. Make sure the foam is clean of any debris, nails or stickers and is completely dry. No peanuts or foam padding. - Plastics Recycling Directory PO Box 1327 Sonoma Recycle Buyback Mail-in, Paid Pick-up Online posting for commercial quantities
Home for Foam - Foam #6 Recycler/Buyer Locator 1831 Bayshore Hwy Burlingame Recycle Paid Drop-off
g2Revolution 8585 Pyott Road
Suite 100
Lake in the Hills Recycle Paid Mail-in
National Recycling Corp. (Oakland) 1312 Kirkham St. Oakland Recycle Free Drop-off
GreenCitizen 1831 Old Bayshore Hwy, Ste. #2 Burlingame Recycle Paid Drop-off $5 per 30 gallon bag. Only EPS #6 is accepted. Must be clean and dry.
Bay Polymer 44530 South Grimmer Rd Fremont Recycle Buyback Pick-up Commercial quantities.
The UPS Store (4000 Pimlico Dr) 4000 Pimlico Drive
Ste 114
Pleasanton Reuse Free Drop-off
Mail N' Services 35111- F Newark Blvd. Newark Reuse Free Drop-off
The UPS Store (1807 Santa Rita Rd) 1807 Santa Rita Road
Ste D
Pleasanton Reuse Free Drop-off
The UPS Store (7172 Regional St) 7172 Regional St Dublin Reuse Free Drop-off
The UPS Store (3736 Fallon Dr) 3736 Fallon Road Dublin Reuse Free Drop-off Must be clean and in good condition. Call first.
The UPS Store (875 Island Drive) 875 Island Drive
Ste A
Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off
The UPS Store (2601 Blanding Ave) 2601 Blanding Ave
Ste C
Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off Must be clean and in good condition. Call first.

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