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Pallets - Plastic - Reusable

Consider contacting the manufacturer or distributor for take back or reuse. Post for reuse with dimensions, condition, brand, and age.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
APR (Allen Plastic Repair) 3685 Lima Rd Fort Wayne Repair Buyback Mail-in Plastic reusable totes, bins, boxes, bulk containers. Repair and recycling
Bay Polymer 44530 South Grimmer Rd Fremont Recycle Buyback Pick-up damaged plastic crates, bins, totes, pallets, containers, flower pots, pipe, buckets or dunnage trays made from high density polyethylene, low density  polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS plastic.
Berkeley Transfer Station 1201 2nd St. Berkeley Recycle Paid Drop-off
Commercial Waste & Recycling - C&D, Inerts & landscape yard 725 Independent Road Oakland Recycle Paid Drop-off
Container Exchanger 6025 Lagrange Blvd SW Atlanta Recycle Buyback Mail-in
Contra Costa Transfer & Recovery Station (CCTRS) 951 Waterbird Way Martinez Recycle Paid Drop-off
Davis Street (WM) Resource Recovery Complex (Transfer Station) 2615 Davis St. San Leandro Recycle Paid Drop-off Public green waste drop-off area
Denham Plastics 1057 Pellet Ave Salinas Recycle Buyback Drop-off plastic
Fremont Recycling & Transfer Station 41149 Boyce Rd. Fremont Recycle Paid Drop-off Separate for wood drop-off area
Golden Bear Transfer Station 1 Parr Blvd. Richmond Recycle Paid Drop-off
Gonzalez Pallets 1261 Yard Ct
Bldg. D
San Jose Recycle Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up Accepts all kinds of pallets. $2.00 disposal fee for pallets.
Hayward Transfer Station 3458 Enterprise Ave Hayward Recycle Paid Drop-off broken
Independent Recycling Services 9039 San Leandro Street Oakland Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up
Larson Packaging Company 1000 Yosemite Dr Milpitas Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up Items must be in good, reusable condition.
MacroPlastics 2250 Huntington Dr Fairfield Repair Paid Mail-in
Myers Container Management Services 21301 Cloud Way Hayward Recycle Paid Pick-up Plastic pallets only. Call for pick up information and current fees.
Oakland Pallet (San Lorenzo) 2500 Grant Ave. San Lorenzo Reuse Free Pick-up Minimum of 100
Orbis Global Headquarters
1055 Corporate Center Dr
Oconomowoc Recycle Paid Pick-up plastic. by the trailer load.
Pleasanton Transfer Station 3110 Busch Rd. Pleasanton Reuse Paid Drop-off
Recology San Francisco Transfer Station Public Recycling and Disposal Drop Off 501 Tunnel Ave. San Francisco Recycle, Landfill Paid Drop-off broken condition

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