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Living Plants

A living thing (mature or part that produces new plants or living organisms) that people have in their home, office, garden or yard.

Swap plants, seeds, cuttings, grafts, and accessories with neighbors, friends, family, and community members to spread joy and keep them out of the landfill. Post online or set up a free plant stand or swap.

Visit the Lawn to Garden Marketplace for a complete directory of Bay Area sources for bulk recycled compost, mulch, and sheet mulch materials and visit the FAQ section for tips for buying bulk compost.

Use StopWaste's Gardening at Home resources to make worm or home compost for your house or garden plants.

Are you looking to start a veggie garden or plant some herbs on your windowsill? Check out these seed libraries where new and experienced gardeners alike can find a variety of common and heirloom seeds! This is a great way to keep resources local and help develop seed varieties that are adapted to local micro-climates. Alameda County Seed Libraries and Catalogs


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
5miles Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Alameda Backyard Growers 2501 Shoreline Dr Alameda Reuse Free Mail-in Informational. The Alameda Backyard Growers website has excellent gardening tips, articles, videos, and information on how to grow, harvest, and
Alameda Point Antiques Faire 1st Sunday Every Month 3800 Main St Alameda Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Berkeley Flea Market 1937 Ashby Ave Berkeley Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Berkeley Mutual Aid Berkeley Reuse Free Pick-up Backyard fruit from your Berkeley trees. Volunteers will pick and deliver to Berkeley community group in need.
Bonanza Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Chabot College Flea Market 25555 Hesperian Blvd Hayward Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Coliseum Public Market 5401 Coliseum Way Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Craigslist Oakland Reuse Buyback Pick-up
Crop Swap Oakland Snow Park
19th Street & Harrison Street
Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off bring items from your garden or kitchen to trade, from recipes, seeds, preserved goods, plants, garden supplies, to propagation materials.
Dealo Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
ebay Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
eBid Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Facebook Marketplace Oakland Reuse Buyback Pick-up
ForestR 20298 Marshall St Castro Valley Reuse Free Pick-up Seed Library - pick up or donate seeds for reuse. Annual scion exchanges and forum (fruit tree cuttings for grafting).
FreeCycle Oakland Reuse Free Pick-up
Kennedy High School Flea Market 39999 Blacow Rd Fremont Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Laney College Flea Market 510 Fallon St Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Nextdoor Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in

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