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Lighting Fixtures - Working

Lamps, chandeliers, and ceiing fans are examples of lighting fixtures.

Consider donation, resale, or reuse.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Hope Services (Mountain View) 460 East Middlefield Rd Mountain View Reuse Free Drop-off Curently not accepting any donations at this location due to COVID
Metro Lighting and Crafts 2240 San Pablo Ave Berkeley Repair Paid Drop-off We specialize in solid brass, standard 110 voltage, incandescent lamps and fixtures. We don't repair low voltage, halogen, or fluorescent fixtures. Please email a photo or bring the lamp in and we'll do our best to serve you.
Oakland Museum - White Elephant Sale 333 Lancaster St. Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up
Ohmega Salvage 2400 San Pablo Ave Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up Vintage materials from the 1950s and older. Call first for details.
Panache Lighting 2743 Ninth St
(between Grayson and Pardee)
Berkeley Repair Paid Drop-off
PlaceMakers Inc 1062 Center Street San Carlos Reuse Free Drop-off Salavaged resources and historical architectural artifacts
Public Surplus - public agency online auction PO Box 530861 Henderson Reuse Buyback Mail-in Online posting
Recology San Francisco Transfer Station Public Recycling and Disposal Drop Off 501 Tunnel Ave. San Francisco Reuse Paid Drop-off Broken only.
Recycle Town 500 Meacham Road Petaluma Reuse Free Drop-off
Reliable Liquidation 1251 Doolittle Drive San Leandro Reuse Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Commercial hotel/resort quantity lighting, lamps
Reliable Liquidation 1251 Doolittle Drive San Leandro Repair Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Commercial hotel/resort quantity lighting, lamps
Repurposed Materials 10220 Brighton Rd
Unit 7
Henderson Reuse Buyback Mail-in High Bay LED lights, industrial LED lights, LED lights & drivers, retail track spotlights, solar & motion sensor lights
ReUse: CAL's Campus Thrift Store 2495 Bancroft Way
MLK Student Union (between Superb & OCF offices)
Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off desk lamps, clip-on lamps
Savers (7117 Regional St.) 7117 Regional St. Dublin Reuse Free Drop-off call first
SCRAP 801 Toland St. San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off
The ReUse People 9235 San Leandro St. Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off
The Thrifty Kitty 1509 Webster St Alameda Reuse Free Drop-off Interesting lamps in working order including shades and bulbs.
This & That Building Materials 1701 Rumrill Blvd. San Pablo Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up (Complete and in good condition) Call first for drop-off or pick-up information.
Urban Furniture & Urban Boutique (3241 Grand Ave.) 3241 Grand Ave. Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off In working condition
Urban Ore 900 Murray St. Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off

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