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Food for Donation

Did you know that reducing food waste is one of the leading solutions to climate change? Go to for Food Saving Tips and Tricks. 

As of January 1, 2022, a new California law states businesses who currently throw away edible food must now recover and donate it. Click here for rules, resources, and lists in Alameda County, and here for Contra Costa County.


    Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
    United Eden Church of Christ - Food Pantry 21455 Birch St Hayward Reuse Free Drop-off
    Ursula Sherman Village 711 Harrison St. Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off Non-perishable food. Formula and coupons.
    Village Harvest P.O. Box 9231 San Jose Reuse Free Drop-off This organization accepts fruit only. For drop-off locations, visit
    Village of Love 490 43rd St Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off
    West Oakland Food Pantry - Prescott-Joseph Center 920 Peralta St Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off fresh produce, frozen meats and fish, canned goods, cereal, juice, rice, pasta, snacks
    White Pony Express 3380 Vincent Road
    Pleasant Hill Reuse Free Drop-off Preference for produce, dairy items, eggs, and proteins. Prefer not to receive any additional breads, baked goods, and deserts. Food Recovery Organization in Contra Costa County
    Women's Daytime Drop-In Center 2218 Acton Street Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off Accepts donations of Fresh produce; Shelf-stable/Non-perishable foods; Baked goods; Milk & dairy; Cold prepared foods; Hot prepared foods. Contact to confirm donation.

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