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Drums - Paper

Paper drums are cylindrical packaging made of pressed fiber. They are commonly used for transportation and storage of chemicals and other substances used in the manufacture of food products.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Berkeley Recycling Center 669 Gilman St.
(corner of 2nd & Gilman)
Berkeley Recycle Free Drop-off 55 g drums must be completely empty and dry and either cut in half or with a visible four-inch diameter hole.
Container Exchanger 6025 Lagrange Blvd SW Atlanta Recycle Buyback Mail-in
Containers Unlimited 3375 Arden Road Hayward Recycle Paid Drop-off Commercial quantity
Davis Street (WM) Resource Recovery Complex (Transfer Station) 2615 Davis St. San Leandro Recycle Free Drop-off Reuse drop-off area
Fremont Recycling & Transfer Station 41149 Boyce Rd. Fremont Recycle Paid Drop-off Separate for recycling drop-off area
GreenWaste of Palo Alto 2765 Lafayette St Palo Alto Recycle Paid Pick-up Bulky Pickup. Please consider reuse and repair before disposal. This item can be collected curbside for a fee or for no charge during your Clean Up Day.
Phoenix Container 2224 South Daubenberger Rd. Turlock Recycle Paid Drop-off Commercial quantities
Pleasanton Transfer Station 3110 Busch Rd. Pleasanton Landfill Paid Drop-off
Questar 30983 San Clemente St. Hayward Recycle Free Drop-off, Paid Pick-up No charge if previously used for food products only. Call first, may drop-off 1/2 truck load or more. Pick-up available for large quantities.
Repurposed Materials 10220 Brighton Rd
Unit 7
Henderson Reuse Buyback Mail-in

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