Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

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Computers - Non-working

Non-working computers are any computer processing unit (CPU) or related computer system component which is defective or broken.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Consider refurbishing or repair before recycling, or DIY repair through iFixit.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Hewlett Packard (HP) Computer Recycling Program Staples
2120 Contra Costa Blvd
Pleasant Hill Recycle Free Drop-off
Pittsburg Recycling Center (Recycling Zone Inc.) 181A Clark Avenue Pittsburg Recycle Free Drop-off
Staples 1230 Fitzgerald Dr. Pinole Recycle Free Drop-off
Best Buy 1490 Fitzgerald Dr. Pinole Recycle Free Drop-off
EcoHaul 636 F Street Petaluma Recycle Pick-up for a Fee
Fast Repair 2127 El Camino Real Palo Alto Repair Drop-off for a Fee Repairs: Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops
Mobile Kangaroo 2115 El Camino real Palo Alto Repair Drop-off for a Fee Repairs: phones, tablets, macs, PC and game consoles
GreenWaste of Palo Alto 2765 Lafayette St Palo Alto Recycle Pick-up for a Fee Consider repair and reuse before disposal. Remove battery and place in recycle cart. Anything with a computer chip is accepted, no TVs or computer monitors. Take battery to HHW Station.
Best 1 TV Repair 936 Industrial Ave Palo Alto Repair Drop-off for a Fee Repairs: LCD and CRT tv's , car stereos, blue Ray players, monitors, steroes, laptops, computers, camcorders; Does House calls.
Rapid Recycle 5292 Pacheco Blvd. Pacheco Recycle Free Drop-off
Sydewayz Cafe 5849 MacArthur Blvd Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
LNS Latin Network Systems 3340 E 12th St #4 Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
Conrad's Computer Services 3612 35th Ave Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
AnB Repair 339 14th St Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
My Emergency Guy 6019 College Ave Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
AppleService Center 311 Oak St Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
Oakland Computer Service 419 International Blvd d Oakland Repair Free Drop-off
RRR Computer 4096 Piedmont Ave
Suite 332
Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up Refurbish donated laptops and accessories to give to low-income K-12 students for education. PC laptops*, Mac laptops*, iMacs* (no desktops), iPhone 6 or higher, iPad 4th Gen or Higher, all PC and Apple power adapters*all computers must be newer than seven years old. Pick up for bulk equipment.
Shred Works, Oakland 455 High Street Oakland Recycle Drop-off for a Fee hard drive destruction
A to Z Recycling Company 2306 98th Ave. Oakland Recycle Pick-up for a Fee

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Special Action Note
Contact ACI at (510) 483-1400 for a bulky pick-up.
Castro Valley Sanitary District
Separate and label good/working condition items for donation as part of your Bulky & Reuse Pick-up set out.
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
Call hauler to schedule an e-waste pick-up.
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City
Place electronics in a box clearly labeled “e-waste” that is easily accessible and in plain view (about a foot from the pile).

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