Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

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Computers - Non-working

Non-working computers are any computer processing unit (CPU) or related computer system component which is defective or broken.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Consider refurbishing or repair before recycling, or DIY repair through iFixit.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Recycle1234: E-Waste & Solar Panel Recycling Center 33548 Central Ave Union City Recycle Free Drop-off Buy back value may be available
Best Buy Recycling and Trade-in Program (Union City) 31350 Courthouse Dr. Union City Recycle Free Drop-off all-in-one, netbooks, laptops, desktops, tablets, e-readers, speakers, controllers, CD/DVD drives
Tri-CED Community Recycling 33377 Western Ave. Union City Recycle Free Drop-off
Bay Area Electronics Recycling Center (Union City) 33548 Central Ave Union City Recycle Free Drop-off Buy back value may be available
SMaRT Station 301 Carl Rd Sunnyvale Recycle Free Drop-off The SMaRT Station serves Mountain View and Sunnyvale residents only.
Potrero Hills Landfill 3675 Potrero Hills Lane Suisun City Recycle Drop-off for a Fee E-Waste: separate for e-waste drop-off
Tri Valley Recycling- Bay Area 1988 E. Alpine Avenue Stockton Recycle Buyback Drop-off, Free Drop-off, Pick-up for a Fee Call for buyback details and for pick-up arrangement fees. Fee for large copiers and microwaves.
Tri-Valley Recycling 1988 E. Alpine Ave Stockton Recycle Free Pick-up, Buyback Drop-off
All Computer Resource 5151 Lafayette St Santa Clara Recycle Free Drop-off
Elian Electronics Recycling 1634 West 19th Street
Suite B
Santa Ana Recycle Free Pick-up, Pick-up for a Fee
WebDispatch 2819 Crow Canyon Rd Suite #105 San Ramon Recycle Free Drop-off WWW
Staples 2710 Crow Canyon Rd. San Ramon Recycle Free Drop-off
iFixit 1330 Monterey St San Luis Obisbo Repair Free Mail-in DIY repair instructions
Morning Star Computer 15934 Hesperian Blvd San Lorenzo Repair Free Drop-off
computreat LLC 16155 Ashland Ave San Lorenzo Repair Free Drop-off
Davis Street (WM) Resource Recovery Complex (Transfer Station) 2615 Davis St. San Leandro Recycle Drop-off for a Fee E-Scrap drop-off area
Printer Plus 14624 Wicks Blvd San Leandro Repair Drop-off for a Fee
Data Recovery Group 1821 Marina Blvd San Leandro Repair Free Drop-off
Revolt Recycling 657 143rd Ave San Leandro Recycle Drop-off for a Fee, Pick-up for a Fee
eFX Computer 320 E 14th St San Leandro Repair Free Drop-off

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Special Action Note
Contact ACI at (510) 483-1400 for a bulky pick-up.
Castro Valley Sanitary District
Separate and label good/working condition items for donation as part of your Bulky & Reuse Pick-up set out.
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
Call hauler to schedule an e-waste pick-up.
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City
Place electronics in a box clearly labeled “e-waste” that is easily accessible and in plain view (about a foot from the pile).

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