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Compressed Gas Cylinders - Refillable

Refillable compressed gas or fuel cylinders most often contains propane, a flammable gas used for heating and cooking and have a special valve for professional refueling.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Damaged or empty propane tanks and cylinders are hazardous waste and should never be put in the garbage or recycling as they could become punctured during the collection process and cause a fire or injury.

Empty, good condition tanks can be exchanged or refilled where you got it (e.g. 1lb or 5-20lb propane cylinders, SodaStream gas cylinders) or have the supplier come pick it up. Look for a label to contact and return an unwanted cylinder to. Old, rusty or unknown cylinders may be taken to a scrap metal company once they have been completely emptied with the valves safely removed. Companies that specialize in gas cylinders may offer this service.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Linde/Praxair Welding Gas & Equipment Center 2615 Alvarado St San Leandro Repair Drop-off for a Fee
Linde/Praxair Welding Gas & Equipment Center 2615 Alvarado St San Leandro Recycle Drop-off for a Fee
Airgas Store (San Leandro) 1592 Doolittle Dr San Leandro Recycle Drop-off for a Fee Call for details.
ALCO Iron & Metal (San Leandro) 2140 Davis Street
Headquarters & Metal Sales
San Leandro Repair Free Drop-off, Buyback Drop-off Call for details regarding valves off, empty, holes drilled, etc. Designated spot for empty cylinders.
Fast Gas and Propane 13700 Catalina St San Leandro Reuse Drop-off for a Fee Refills cylinders only.
Home Depot 2750 Crow Canyon Rd. San Ramon Reuse Free Drop-off Propane refills
North State Environmental (South San Francisco) 220 South Spruce Avenue
Suite 200
South San Francisco Recycle Pick-up for a Fee

Curbside Service

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