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Clothing - Undergarments - Working

Consider reuse and donation of clean, good condition- post locally on listservs, with local families, neighborhood schools, or on FreeCycle, Craigslist, NextDoor, etc., or local charity organizations to reduce your climate impact.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
5miles Oakland Reuse Buyback Pick-up
Berkeley Flea Market 1937 Ashby Ave Berkeley Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Bonanza Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Bras for a Cause Donate Bra Program
10746 Fenton Dr
Parker Reuse Free Mail-in New and gently used bras, mastectomy bras, lingerie, slips, camisoles, wigs, breast prosthesis, swimsuits, nightgowns. Wash used items before sending; Connect items in a set or place together in a bag. Do not remove labels. Clothing items w/o labels cannot be accepted
Chabot College Flea Market 25555 Hesperian Blvd Hayward Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Coliseum Public Market 5401 Coliseum Way Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
Craigslist Oakland Reuse Buyback Pick-up
Dealo Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
ebay Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
eBid Oakland Reuse Buyback Mail-in
EkoLinq Pleasanton Reuse, Recycle Free Pick-up Ask for minimum quantity for buyback by the pound from charity thrifts.
Facebook Marketplace Oakland Reuse Buyback Pick-up
Free The Girls 1552 Pioneer Trail Chesterton Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Mail-in Bra donation location finder and mail-in for larger quantities. You pay for shipping. Accepted: new & gently used, great quality, any style or size, good condition, bras or panties with tags. No thanks to: used panties, poor quality, old and stained, stretched/worn out, or damaged, or bodysuits, slips, hosiery. Don't send bras in individual bags.
FreeCycle Oakland Reuse Free Pick-up
Give Back Box 5419 Hollywood Blvd
Suite 160
Los Angeles Reuse Free Mail-in, Paid Mail-in
Good Use App Oakland Reuse Free Pick-up Clean, good condition
Goodwill (1669 Fillmore Street) 1669 Fillmore St. San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off
Goodwill (1700 Haight Street) 1700 Haight St. San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off
Goodwill (3525 MacArthur Blvd.) 3525 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off
Goodwill (3801 Third Street) 3801 Third St.
Suite 330
San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Special Action Note
Castro Valley Sanitary District
2x/yr (first full wk of June/Oct) set bags or boxes of dry (no biowaste) textiles for recycling by the blue cart. Collect clean and dry materials in a large plastic bag to keep it clean during collection for recycling.
Clean and dry. See Textile Collection Program details.Collect clean and dry materials in a large plastic bag to keep it clean during collection for reuse or recycling twice a year (first full wk of June/Oct). Set bags or boxes of dry (no biowaste) textiles by blue cart.
See Textile Program details.
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City

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