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Clothing - Poor Condition

Clothes and linens (towels, bedding, rags) that are ripped and/or stained, or pieces of textiles that can be turned into rags or shredded for recycling.

Consider repair, stain removal and creative reuse before donation to an organization for reuse or recycling (rag and textile shredding). 

Click here to learn more about clothing repair, stain removal for clothing and linens (DIY & non-toxic cleaners), and donation/recycling programs.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Fix It Clinic (In-person & Virtual) Berkeley Repair Free Mail-in Self-repair through the Global Fixers Server on Discord or through Zoom FixIt Clinics.
Ritz Tailor & Alterations 165 10th St Oakland Repair Paid Drop-off
John the Fashion Tailor 4129 Broadway Oakland Repair Paid Drop-off
Essy's Tailoring & Clothier 4555 Hopyard Rd # 18 Pleasanton Repair Paid Drop-off
A Z Alteration & Cleaners 3875 Piedmont Ave Oakland Repair Paid Drop-off
Hacienda Cleaners 5682 Stoneridge Dr Pleasanton Repair Paid Drop-off Cleaning
Better Living Through Sewing 40th St & Broadway Oakland Repair Paid Drop-off instruction in making alterations and repairs
Patagonia (770 North Point St) 770 North Point Street San Francisco Repair Free Drop-off, Paid Drop-off Repairs: Patagonia outerwear, bottoms, luggage, fasteners, tops
Said with Threads, LLC 5924 Newpark Plaza Newark Repair Paid Drop-off
LA Tailor Shop 525 Estudillo Ave SUITE B San Leandro Repair Paid Drop-off
Estrella Designs 220 Division St Pleasanton Repair Paid Drop-off
Advanced European Tailoring 2808 Adeline St Berkeley Repair Paid Drop-off
EkoLinq 5389 Mallard Dr Pleasanton Reuse Free Pick-up Ask for minimum quantity for buyback by the pound from charity thrifts. Clean, dry condition.
St. Vinnie's of Lane County Oregon (SVDP) Recycling Warehouse Drop-off
135 N. Cleveland St
Eugene Reuse Free Pick-up Large quantity. Clothing that is donated but not valuable or sellable is given a second chance at life with our rag recycling program! St. Vincent de Paul sells wiping rags, cut from cotton tee shirts and clothing that we are unable to sell.
Northface Outlet 1238 Fifth St Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off Accepts all brands of clothing.
Recycle for Change 1081 Essex Ave Richmond Reuse Free Drop-off, Paid Mail-in Give Back Box ($15) - Pack up to 70 pounds of your items in a box.
Berkeley Recycling Center 669 Gilman St.
(corner of 2nd & Gilman)
Berkeley Reuse Free Drop-off Bag clean and dry garments.
Retold Recycling 12855 Runway Rd
Suite 2209
Los Angeles Reuse Paid Mail-in Accepts clean ripped, stained, worn fabric/clothing is resold on the textile market, for the rags market or carpet padding/seat stuffing.
Green Earth Dry Cleaner Locator 51 West 135th Street Kansas City Reuse Paid Drop-off Online locator for green dry cleaning
Fybraa South Gate Reuse Paid Mail-in Paid clothing service that separates usable items to resell on poshmark and recycles the rest.

Curbside Service

Bulky Pickup Special Action Note
Castro Valley Sanitary District
Collect clean and dry materials in a large plastic bag to keep it clean during collection for recycling for Bulky Pick-up and Textile Pick-ups, which are held 2x/yr (first full wk of June/Oct). set bags or boxes of dry (no biowaste) textiles by blue cart.
Clean and dry. See Textile Collection Program details.Collect clean and dry materials in a large plastic bag to keep it clean during collection for reuse or recycling twice a year (first full wk of June/Oct). Set bags or boxes of dry (no biowaste) textiles by blue cart.
Place clean, dry items in clear bags for donation. Donate clean, dry items to large thrifts for rag market or recycling into carpet padding, automotive stuffing, or the like.
Hayward (Oro Loma - L2)
See Textile Recycling link. Gently used clothing and household linens (sheets, towels, etc.) will be collected quarterly and donated to a local charity. Place in a tightly tied clear bag next to the Recyclables Cart on your collection day.
San Leandro
San Leandro (Oro Loma - L3)
San Lorenzo (Oro Loma)
Unincorporated Oro Loma (L1)
Union City

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