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Camera Film & Slides

Very old motion picture cellulose nitrate base film (pre 1952) requires careful handling, storage, duplication and safe disposal.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc 493 Reynolds Circle San Jose Recycle Free Pick-up One-time-use Camera Recycling Mail-in Program for businesses. They provide boxes, UPS labels. You get paid 10 cents per pound. Also provide Photo Chemical and Solution Waste Disposal services (paid pick up)
East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse 4695 Telegraph Ave.
(drop-off at loading dock on Shattuck Ave between 46th and 47th streets)
Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off No slide carousels, projectors or projector screns
GreenDisk 580 8th Ave NE
Issaquah Recycle Paid Mail-in
GreenWaste of Palo Alto 2765 Lafayette St Palo Alto Landfill Paid Pick-up
Pro-Tek Vaults 3110 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank Reuse, Repair Paid Drop-off, Paid Mail-in Film -Acetate film preservation, Inspection, cleaning & repair, Nitrate film handling, Still image services, Digital, Motion picture film scanning, Storage, Archival film storage, Archival multimedia storage
Safety Kleen (San Jose) 1147 N 10th Street San Jose Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up Photographic chemical waste
Safety Kleen Systems (Rohnert Park) 5750 Commerce Blvd Rohnert Park Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up Photographic waste
Safety Kleen Systems (Sacramento) 6000 88th Street Sacramento Safe Disposal Paid Pick-up Photographic waste

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