Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

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Building Materials - Reclaimed/Reusable

Building materials are reusable goods and products used for building.

Consider posting good condition or unused materials locally for reuse or donation.

Does salvage mean savings? Read about deconstruction, reuse and embedded carbon.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
All in One Removal 3610 Powell Dr. Lafayette Recycle Pick-up for a Fee
Arkin Tilt Architecture 1101 Eighth St Berkeley Reuse Building designer incorporating local and reused resources into projects
Artefact Design & Salvage 23562 Highway 121 Sonoma Reuse Free Drop-off Architectural salvage
Build Reuse - Wiki, Q&A Forum, & Resources Reuse Free Mail-in Online information forum for circular building sector. Includes Deconstruction and Reuse Networks, news, conferences, webinars, funding opportunities, case studies, guides, tools, and Reuse Store & Material Recovery Maps and Databases.
Building Product Ecosystems: Regional Reuse Resources Map 84 W Broadway
Suite 4S
New York Reuse Free Mail-in Informational.
Building Resources 701 Amador St. San Francisco Reuse Free Drop-off, Free Pick-up molding, trim, vinyl, windows, siding, landscaping supplies, vinyl
City Slickers Farms 2847 Peralta St Oakland Reuse Free Drop-off Contact to find out what they need.
Contra Costa Transfer & Recovery Station (CCTRS) 951 Waterbird Way Martinez Recycle Drop-off for a Fee Broken condition
Contra Costa Transfer & Recovery Station (CCTRS) 951 Waterbird Way Martinez Landfill Drop-off for a Fee Broken condition
Craigslist 222 Sutter St
Floor 9
San Francisco Reuse Free Pick-up, Buyback Pick-up
Crossroads Recycled Lumber 58500 Hancock Way Northfork Reuse Drop-off for a Fee, Pick-up for a Fee reclaimed timbers, wood flooring, siding and paneling, antique wood mantel pieces, reclaimed wood doors, counter top slabs, and trim and moundings.
Davis Demolition 1051 Todd Rd Santa Rosa Reuse Pick-up for a Fee
Davis Street (WM) Resource Recovery Complex (Transfer Station) 2615 Davis St. San Leandro Recycle Drop-off for a Fee Broken, poor condition. Recycle; Public C&D Drop-off Area
Facebook Buy Nothing Groups 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park Reuse Free Pick-up
Facebook Marketplace Facebook Headquarters
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park Reuse Free Pick-up, Buyback Pick-up
FreeCycle The Freecycle Network
PO Box 294
Tuscon Reuse Free Pick-up
Global Fiberglass Solutions Texas Recycling & Manufacturing Plant
13 Industrial Dr
Sweetwater Recycle Drop-off for a Fee Recycles large quantity fiberglass composite waste from wind, energy, automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Especially wind turbine blades.
Golden Bear Transfer Station 1 Parr Blvd. Richmond Landfill Drop-off for a Fee Poor condition, separated for C&D
Good News Wood Salvation 25 Kalana Ave Morgan Hill Reuse Buyback Drop-off, Buyback Pick-up Source and distribute reclaimed wood only. Redwood slabs, wood paneling, snow fence, accent wall material. Wholesale purchasing and resale for commercial, residential, and architectural clients.
Green Lynx 3220 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa Reuse Free Drop-off

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