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Batteries - Electric Vehicle

Lithium-ion batteries manufactured for electric vehicles are complex in design and include a range of chemistries, packs, modules, cells, and other components that make impair the ability for these to be refurbished or recycled.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Contact the dealer or manufacturer for take-back collection for future end-of-life processing. 

The lifespan of the batteries in those vehicles is estimated to be between 10-20 years. All batteries contain metals and other toxic or corrosive materials. They are also potentially valuable as a source of recyclable metal. When the lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars reach their end-of-life, they will need to be managed in a way that is safe for the public and the environment. Recycling of EV batteries has many challanges.

CalEPA release of the final AB 2832 Policy Recommendations Report, which was transmitted to the California Legislature in April 2022. The Lithium-ion Car Battery Recycling Advisory Group was formed in 2019 in response to Assembly Bill 2832 (Dahle, 2018), with the purpose of advising the Legislature on policies pertaining to the recovery and recycling of lithium-ion vehicle batteries sold with motor vehicles in the state. The Advisory Group was led by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and the Department for Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). Additional members came from the environmental community, auto dismantlers, public and private representatives involved in the manufacturing, collection, processing and recycling of electric vehicle batteries, and other interested parties.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
American Battery Technology Commercial Pilot Plant
395 Logan Lane
Fernley Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Contact directly. American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) champions environmental and ethical sourcing of critical battery materials through lithium-ion battery recycling, battery metal extraction technologies, and primary mineral resource development for use in the batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, and consumer electronics and tools.
Ascend Elements 133 Flanders Rd Westborough Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Full-service EV battery recycling with logistics managment.
Battery Solutions 618 E Auto Center Dr
STE 111
Mesa Recycle Paid Mail-in Commercial quantity. Call first.
Clean Earth (AERC) (Hayward) 30677 Huntwood Ave Hayward Recycle Paid Pick-up Some large lithium batteries.
Interco 10 Fox Industrial Drive Madison Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up
KBI (Kinsbursky Brothers Intl) 125 E Commercial St Anaheim Recycle Paid Pick-up Commercial quantity
Li-cycle Corporation Phoenix Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Including damaged battery handling, reverse logistics and cross-border transport, secure destruction of materials containing IP-sensitive design information, such as R&D batteries and battery materials. Forward logistics and spare battery storage; packaging and regulatory support; comprehensive battery replacement campaigns; customized customer programs.
Princeton NuEnergy Corporate office
1200 Florence Columbus Rd
Bordentown Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up LPAS® direct recycling process can recover up to 95% of all constituent materials found in all chemistries and formats of lithium-ion batteries (LCO, NCA, NCM, LFP). Our technology enables the production of high quality battery materials at low-cost without using any acids.
Redwood Materials 2801 Lockheed Way Carson City Recycle Paid Drop-off, Paid Pick-up Commercial quantity. Partnering with Audi Dealerships to host collection bins open to the public.
Retriev Technologies 265 Quary Rd SE Lancaster Recycle Paid Mail-in Commercial quantity. Provide comprehensive custom battery program for manufacturers, dealers, and consumers including consulting (eg. regulations) and logistics services (eg. storage & maintenance of new, unused batteries).

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