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Batteries - Automotive or Boat

Auto batteries are lead acid batteries containing sulfuric acid, a corrosive electrolyte.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Do not put batteries in curbside recycling or trash containers.

Local auto parts and marine supply stores accept these for recycling collection, in addition to household hazardous waste facilities.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
AutoZone (28150 Mission Blvd) 28150 Mission Blvd Hayward Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (32100 Alvarado Blvd.) 32100 Alvarado Blvd. Union City Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (35060 Newark Blvd) 35060 Newark Blvd Newark Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (3901A Santa Rita Road) 3901A Santa Rita Road Dublin Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (41094 Fremont Blvd.) 41094 Fremont Blvd. Fremont Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (7200 Bancroft Avenue) 7200 Bancroft Avenue Oakland Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone (807 27th Street) 807 27th Street Emeryville Recycle Free Drop-off
Batteries USA 1 Industrial St. San Francisco Recycle Free Drop-off
Battery Solutions 618 E Auto Center Dr
STE 111
Mesa Recycle Paid Mail-in Commercial quantity. Call first.
Battery Specialists 2824 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville Recycle Free Drop-off
Berkeley Recycling Center 669 Gilman St.
(corner of 2nd & Gilman)
Berkeley Recycle Free Drop-off We now accept automotive batteries at the drop-off no fees. Automotive and marine batteries may also be recycled at most automotive shops and dealers throughout Berkeley.
Bethel Harbor 3405 Harbor Rd. Bethel Island Recycle Free Drop-off
Big O Tires 3572 Clayton Rd. Concord Recycle Paid Drop-off
Big O Tires 12952 San Pablo Ave. Richmond Recycle Paid Drop-off
Big O Tires 2155 North Broadway Walnut Creek Recycle Paid Drop-off
Big O Tires 3688 - A Washington St. Pleasanton Recycle Free Drop-off
CarQuest Auto Parts 1295 Parkside Drive Walnut Creek Recycle Paid Drop-off
Central Automotive Service Center 1425 AutoCenter Dr. Walnut Creek Recycle Paid Drop-off
Central Contra Costa HHW Collection Facility 4797 Imhoff Pl. Martinez Recycle Free Drop-off
Central Contra Costa Household Battery Recycling Program Alamo Recycle Free Drop-off

Curbside Service

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