Guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Safe Disposal
for Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Palo Alto

Batteries - Automotive or Boat

Auto batteries are lead acid batteries containing sulfuric acid, a corrosive electrolyte.

Household Hazardous Waste

This item should never be put in a curbside bin. For more information visit our household hazardous waste page.

Turn in your old battery where you buy a replacement at auto and marine parts & supply stores and repair shops. In addition, they accept old car batteries that are not being replaced for recycling collection.

Find more information on our Battery Fact Sheet.


Vendor Address City Destination Disposal Method Notes
Central Contra Costa Household Battery Recycling Program Recycle Free Drop-off
Cirba Solutions (Mark Steadman) Recycle Mail-in for a Fee Commercial quantity.
Tire Choice 861 Marina Village Pkwy. Alameda Recycle Free Drop-off
AutoZone 1125 Park St Alameda Recycle Free Drop-off With a new car battery purchase, you’ll be turning in your old battery for a core, but if you have an old battery that needs disposal, or several, you’ll receive a gift card for every battery you drop off.
Tire Choice 431 San Pablo Avenue Albany Recycle Free Drop-off Please call first to determine limts per visit.
KBI (Kinsbursky Brothers Intl) 125 E Commercial St Anaheim Recycle Pick-up for a Fee Commercial quantity
Kragen-O'Reilly Auto Parts 2635 Somersville Rd. Antioch Recycle Free Drop-off
Kragen-O'Reilly Auto Parts 2024 A St. Antioch Recycle Free Drop-off
Delta HHW Collection Facility 2550 Pittsburg-Antioch Hwy Antioch Recycle Free Drop-off, Drop-off for a Fee
Roesbery Car Care 2700 Hillcrest Ave. Antioch Recycle Free Drop-off
Firestone Store 3214 Delta Fair Blvd. Antioch Recycle Drop-off for a Fee
Kragen-O'Reilly Auto Parts 3426 Deer Valley Rd. Antioch Recycle Free Drop-off
Art's Automotive 2871 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley Recycle Free Drop-off
Berkeley Recycling Center 669 Gilman St.
(corner of 2nd & Gilman)
Berkeley Recycle Free Drop-off We now accept automotive batteries at the drop-off no fees. Automotive and marine batteries may also be recycled at most automotive shops and dealers throughout Berkeley.
Bethel Harbor 3405 Harbor Rd. Bethel Island Recycle Free Drop-off
Kragen-O'Reilly Auto Parts 8600 Brentwood Blvd. Brentwood Recycle Free Drop-off
Certified Tire and Service Center (Castro Valley) 3430 Castro Valley Blvd. Castro Valley Recycle Free Drop-off Please call first to determine limts per visit.
RecycLights 20283 Santa Maria Ave Castro Valley Recycle Free Pick-up Call for details.
Unocal 76 2445 Castro Valley Blvd. Castro Valley Recycle Free Drop-off
Kevin Hinkley Auto Tech 5269 Crow Canyon Rd. Castro Valley Recycle Free Drop-off

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